Tuesday, 21 June 2011

real fancy cakes...

ok so i know i was making a fuss of my own cake. and why not?? it was fun and fresh and not at all time consuming, like these....
(oh and yes it really is a cake, i even ate some)

all eddible except the can (shes not that good??)

 no all the little veggies are not nicked from the borrowers, but are all handmade.

 wedding cakes with class...

the cups and saucers were also cake and icing...
but not the dolls, they were beautifully hand painted by the bride.

 just in case you are an emo??

  or an extremely interesting artist..

 maybe you like your games???

 or like me just appreciate dark chocolate...

something pretty??
 or pretty scary???

 this ones a favourite and was for my sons birthday. lucky dog!!!

 a friends 60th birthday 
(he works for a flooring company, incase you hadn't guessed)

 my other favourite...

 its hard to tell sometimes where art stops and cake starts,
but i find its usually when i'm eating it...

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