Thursday, 21 July 2011

something beautiful (for peas?)

 this has got to be right up there on my wish list! i mean can you think of anything more pleasurable than serving pea's off one of these little beauties??

 me neither.
i'd just spend all my time looking at them!

 spilling peas...

these are the rather delightful creations of  nina from the netherlands. she uses vintage plates as her canvas but not satisfied with this she has fine art collages, cards and other crafty bits on  ninas blog. 

 she had me at the russian dolls!

not only this but nina does a whole personalised range too.

an easy way to bring beauty to any dark corners of your home.
you know the ones i'm talking about.
( the slightly dull areas that are void of colour)
   can be found in nina's etsy store.

and if anyone is wondering
'what might make a good birthday or christmas present for angie this year??' 
now you know!!!

cheers angie xx

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