Wednesday, 5 October 2011

quilting inspiration

When i was a fresh newly wed in '96 i had dreams of making my very own patchwork quilt. we had very close friends who were real all american quilters and were ready to help, and later push, me to get my quilt done. it has served us well for the last 15years, it is indeed still a lovely quilt (photos will follow soon). but lately i have found myself yearning for something new and beautiful. something that i will not find toy cars in the corners of, thanks to a few frayed seams that the kids love 'posting' into.  That won't therefore nearly knock me out when i shake it out to make the bed! 
so i find myself searching for the perfect quilt, one that will still be loved in 15years. As i take this journey (its not over yet, i don't like to rush) i have found these snipets of inspiration...
    I realise this is not a quilt but jen talbot's  bird silohette  is certainly inspiring and definately the way forward!

made from cut out bird silouettes from various paper scources.
the beauty is in the detail.

has caught my eye with this fresh bird quilt too
also made up of a variety of fabric sillouettes.
i love the oranges...

may be a bit cutesy but i love the trees
 and check out the two birds in the corner.
it just needs the right colours...
 Anthropologie are of course leading the way with their   heir loom throw
i really want to be crocheting fun like this. 

 and their  oh to deam duvet  set
is almost worth begging the money out of my husband.

 this is one of my favourites i think...

of course i'm not sure it would look quite so lovely in my bedroom with all the washing waiting to be put away??

so moving on...

jenn bell's jellyfish adds something new to the whole mix.

this modern leaf cushion  made from upcycling t-shirts is also brill.

there i so much more out there i will have to keep looking till inspiration hits and sticks.
I can't keep changing my mind you know!!!

cheers angie xx

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