Friday, 10 February 2012

cupcake crochet blanket

Last year was pretty insane. the first half i was laid up with my broken cocyx. a brief holiday swanning round lancashire and yorkshire. then crafting like mad getting things like this amazing (if i do say so myself) cupcake crochet blanket finished for my friends' daughters birthday. i was so chuffed she comissioned me to make it. I didn't have time to share it last year but i thought you might like a peek now.

my friend aimie chose the colours she wanted. 
I always get excited about using beautiful wool!

I made each cupcake seperately from a pattern by twinkie chan found here 

then when i thought i'd made enough i laid them out,
to see how they looked.

then realised i definately needed more....

after what seemed like forever,
my labour of love was complete.
and here it is on the lucky ladies bed!!!

Its a one of a kind special throw just for Ingrid. 
happy birthday

cheers angie xxx

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