Friday, 19 October 2012

Next Big Thing/Mini trend i probably missed?

Ok. I realise I am not the most fashion conscious person on the planet and i tend to go with whatever i love regardless but it just happens that both worlds seem to have collided of late.
   so what could it be? well, FOXES, of course!

As I await the arrival of our own Fox number 5, I have been looking around at various cutie things. I am also trying to prepare for that jolly (crazy) event known as Christmas. As I don't really believe my kids will accept a baby brother as their main gift I have been trying to get everything prepared well in advance. I have alas become somewhat side tracked by my new found joy in Pinterest. Where I have been gathering my Foxy findings. Here are a few of my favourites....

Find these foxy earrings and necklace at Accessorize

The lovely Carrie Lewis does it again with this Fox necklace found here

Asda are getting in on it with this girls jumper dress which my daughter is pretty chuffed with!

You can have a lovely Donna Wilson cushion to show off on your couch from here

some lovely printable Fox bookmarks Here

have a fox join you for tea?? As found Here

A beautiful fox print as found on

Have a made to order crochet Fox from etsy found here

and these too!

decorate your tree with loads of these

and fill your home with these thanks to this tutorial

some other things to do your self include this Lego Fox,

and a bit of Foxy origami??

and these are just some lovely things to look at that i couldn't actually locate but are great inspiration.

cheers Angie xx


  1. Love your post Ang! It's beautiful, just like you xx

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