Thursday, 23 January 2014

Be Mine * Geek Valentine

Not everyone wants flowers and chocolates on february 14th. In fact, some guys seem to really object to you buying them flowers. I like receiving flowers (this is a rarity in our home, probably because there are no surfaces clear long enough to display a vase?) but buy me a meterorite heart and i'll be yours forever. 
Of course, we would all love something from the stars, and places like etsy are good for beautiful and unique pieces. sometimes cute pieces too.

Robots and binary I LOVE YOU, found here, whats not to love??

But what we love best are those home made tokens that are usually flawed (my imperfections make me adorable, apparently) and/or really really cheesey. Don't be fooled, some of these may be 'kids' valentines but the geek in me LOVES THEM .

well thanks to loads of creatives on line, you can get free printables like this dry wipe love note from 'a night owl blog'.simply print off image, frame it, then tick the boxes with a dry wipe pen to share a different message a day. a fun alternative is to print & frame other messages for dry wipe like 'I love you because..', 'you're the best because...' don't eat my brains today, they taste of...'. well, you get the point.

no pressure, no preparation. well not much, and so much to choose from. like....

this winner from but for an added dimension you could always add a lightning bolt? and although i couldn't find a link to this snitch i think it would certainly be well within reach of even the least creatives out there.

Eat your heart (or brains) out for this zombie valentine from lolly jane

you might think minecraft is just for kids, and well kids do love it, but so do loads of guys, not to mention a lot of gals,  so hopefully you won't find these too 'creepy'....ha ha ha.... um, sorry about that, couldn't resist.... thanks over the big moon for this treat. they are definitely getting my love!

we can thank over the big moon for ninjago loving,    


  and if you visit their blog (do it, you know you want to!) you'll also find these amazing sock monkey valentines.

 who could resist some good star wars lovin'? 

i find katie cooks printables Endor-able?

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   and yoda best from design wash rinse repeat

 maybe you are more enticed by the darkside?  stitchcraftcreations can help.

I keep seeing these all over pinterest and the who doesn't want a valentine from Gandalf. very printable and any reasonable middle earth woman would be made up, I recon.

 Honestly there are so many cool, quirky, and just down right awesome ideas out there that I could have filled a dozen posts. So there's no excuse to find the perfect thing for your one geek love.

 If you are a gamer this last little beauty, the pixilated heart card should give you a boost. And are
wise words indeed....but this is my all time favourite valentines ditty, i wish one of my kids had done it...


Angie xx

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